“What initially piqued our interest in LinkSquares was the end-to-end nature of the company’s product and how it used AI to solve the General Counsel’s biggest headache,” said Brady Broadbent, Partner, Sorenson Capital. “While most contract management companies focused on the pre-signature process, LinkSquares understood that legal teams also needed a better way to pull information and intelligence, like key terms, clauses, and dates, out of legal agreements after they had been executed.”

LinkSquares is a Boston-based legaltech company that has developed a comprehensive, AI-powered contract management platform to help businesses optimize legal processes from contract origination and signature to searchability and content analysis. LinkSquares gives enterprises an easy way to centralize, automate, and collaborate on contract processes, while providing the ability to analyze contract contents without time-consuming manual review.

Brady Broadbent continued, “We saw incredible potential in LinkSquares. The company already had a world-class team and industry-leading products, but we believed we could help LinkSquares steepen its trajectory further. We strived to help the team identify and invest in the go-to-market drivers that would have the most leverage on their business and really expand their growth trajectory.”

“The support we get from the Sorenson team is unmatched. They are smart, and their advice is so potent. Working with Sorenson, there’s never an ask that’s too big or too small.”

After leading LinkSquares’s $40 million Series B in July 2021, Sorenson Capital quickly began to evaluate the company’s go-to-market models and sales capacity. Sorenson wanted to better understand if LinkSquares’ sales and marketing resources and processes aligned with its ambitious revenue and growth targets.

“Sorenson’s team helped us analyze our current business and growth plans to determine if we had sufficient selling capacity to meet the goals we had defined,” said Vishal Sunak, CEO and Co-Founder, LinkSquares. “They understood that if we fell behind on selling capacity, we would jeopardize our longer term prospects. They helped us find ways to improve our sales efficiency and build a sophisticated operating dashboard so we could continuously track the health of our business across the most critical variables.”

Sorenson looked at everything related to go-to-market. The team evaluated sales headcount and effectiveness, funnel metrics, hiring plans, training and readiness, sales team ramp time, and quota capacity. Sorenson also benchmarked LinkSquares’ sales and marketing efficiency against SaaS industry leaders, and helped the company instrument the business to more effectively monitor progress and ensure achievement of revenue targets and growth goals.

Sunak said, “It was wonderful for one of our investors to help us become better operators and gain a deeper understanding of the SaaS unit economics we needed to track. What I loved is that Sorenson taught us how to achieve operational excellence without being prescriptive. They always worked with us in a collaborative style that I’ve come to know is representative of the way they work with all of their companies.”

Since Sorenson Capital invested in LinkSquares’s Series B in July 2021, the company has continued to perform excellently and closed $100 million in Series C financing in April 2022 led by G Squared.

“The support we get from the Sorenson team is unmatched,” said Vishal Sunak. “They are smart, and their advice is so potent. Working with Sorenson, there’s never an ask that’s too big or too small.”


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