Extraordinary support for product-first B2B software founders.

When you are bringing a complex product to market, the business building journey is riddled with challenges, both expected and unexpected. We support our portfolio founders with deep engagement - well beyond the board meeting - while looking ahead and eliminating the speedbumps to success.

We invest in product-oriented founders who are fundamentally shifting the technology frontier.

Our fundamental belief is that the best product wins in the long-term. We understand that the biggest risk to any B2B software company is product execution – both in establishing product-market fit and in developing and maintaining product leadership. Once product leadership is established, we help you build the guard rails of continued product dominance, which is a tenant of our investing philosophy. 

In our first meeting we like to start with your product demo. Whether you are creating a new category or disrupting legacy incumbents, we want to see your product in action.

We go beyond just asking hard questions; we help you solve hard problems.

We partner with great founders who seek capital and guidance to supercharge their growth. We pride ourselves on rolling up our sleeves as true partners in building successful B2B software businesses. Our primary approach is to help you focus on the right things at the right time, which can include: 

  • hiring the appropriate leadership at various stages of growth
  • making connections to foundational customers
  • evaluating business model shifts to optimize value 
  • optimizing the rate, predictability, and efficiency of your go-to-market motion
  • supporting investments required to further product leadership over time 

We work to support our founders as they focus on the critical steps required to create generational companies with lasting value.

We help establish the flywheel for maximizing growth in an efficient and predictable way.

As you establish product-market fit, we focus on foundational customer introductions, connections to relevant channel partners, and hiring the initial go-to-market leadership team. Once a go-to-market motion is in place, effective pipeline generation, lead conversion, customer retention, and expansion will allow the motion to scale. We help map the motion’s analytics from lead generation through renewal and upsell to establish the formula to maximize growth in a predictable and efficient way.

Over the course of our history, we have partnered with companies that have exited or IPO’d at an aggregate enterprise value of over $20 billion. We’ve captured those decades of learnings into a go-to-market playbook that can benefit our portfolio companies through the growth j-curve. Leveraging this playbook, we will consider how each piece of the motion contributes to the company’s growth goals, which may include:

  • team structure and compensation
  • marketing program spend 
  • lead volume and cost by source
  • mid-funnel conversion processes
  • renewal timing and approach

Ultimately, we help our management teams set the stage for enduring and predictable corporate success.

We support our partners across the growth journey, from early-stage to pre-IPO.

With the combination of both early-stage and later-stage funds, our team and playbooks are structured to support companies as they successfully scale from early stage to IPO, and we remain actively engaged and provide support through every phase of the journey.

We have two different funds we invest from, depending on the progress of the company we are partnering with. Our early-stage fund generally invests in companies that are pre-revenue or less than $5 million in ARR, while our growth fund generally invests in companies above $5 million in ARR.

We are B2B software experts.

We invest exclusively in B2B software companies. The science of building a B2B software enterprise is fundamentally different from other business models, end markets, customer types, and product types. That science is core to everything we do, and we understand the building blocks for long-term success. Our technical expertise, industry and market knowledge, and operating playbooks enable us to support our founders well as they build lasting businesses.

We’re a teammate, a mentor, and a trusted advisor.

At Sorenson, we believe how we support our portfolio is just as important as what we collectively accomplish together. We understand that arriving at the destination can be painful or rewarding, depending upon the journey. We want that journey to be as enjoyable and fulfilling as possible, regardless of the challenges along the way. We see agreements and disagreements as a sign of productive progress and an opportunity to broaden perspectives that will be an asset for the company.

We adopt a collaborative style that seeks to capitalize on the strengths of your team and ours. We strive every day to be excellent partners and provide you with the resources you need to create positive and productive long-term success.

We look forward to building lasting collaborative and positive partnerships with the next generation of remarkable B2B software business builders.

What I most appreciate about Sorenson’s help was their objectivity. They walked us through the numbers and analysis and allowed us to develop the right strategy. This data-driven approach paid off for everyone.”

Wolfgang Maasberg, Former EVP of Global Sales and Field Operations

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Sorenson's analysis didn’t just provide us with ideas to consider. They gave us very specific ways to address issues with our compensation, funnel management, and lead qualification models. Then, they let our operational teams figure out the best way to apply their analysis to help our business perform even better. "

Matt Cain, CEO

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The Sorenson team helped us analyze our current business and growth plans to determine if we had sufficient selling capacity to meet the goals we had defined. They helped us find ways to improve our sales efficiency and build a sophisticated operating dashboard so we could continuously track the health of our business across the most critical variables.”

Vishal Sunak, CEO & Founder

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our early-stage investments are about finding great founders that are addressing a small but rapidly growing market. On the early-stage side, we generally invest in companies that are pre-revenue or less than $5 million in ARR.

Our growth investments are companies that have made strong initial progress that are on the verge of inflecting. Our growth fund generally invests in companies above $5 million in ARR.
Sorenson invests in four verticals of software: Cybersecurity, Application, DevTools and Computing Infrastructure, and Analytics, ML, & AI.
Sorenson has two offices, one in Lehi, Utah and another in Palo Alto, California.
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