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Analytics, ML, & AI

The progression of analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence is at an inflection point: Everyday consumers and product developers alike now habitually use off-the-shelf transformer-based pre-trained models to fuel their work. The whole world is obsessed with this new status quo. At Sorenson, we have deep knowledge of how much farther, and more ethically, the tech will grow.

Sorenson invests in the founders and products leveraging advancements in this field to fill key gaps in established markets and core workflows. Whether by developing new pre-trained models or by leveraging existing models for new applications, the coming years will bring solutions that allow teams to quickly draw actionable insights from vast amounts of data, and to reduce the burden of endless decisions on organizations and end users.

The winners in analytics, machine learning, and AI will be those that win the trust of their (human) users. Sorenson supports companies that use this tech ethically, with the belief that disruption is inevitable—so let it be disruption in service of progress and good.

The portfolio companies listed above represent a subset of all investments made by Sorenson. It should not be assumed that future portfolio investments will be profitable or equal to the success of the companies in this list. A complete list of Sorenson investments is available upon request.

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