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In many departments of the enterprise, waves of software application adoption have already revolutionized process workflow and task completion. With the advancement of machine learning and intelligence, the pace of innovation continues to accelerate. Sorenson invests in cutting-edge apps that drive industry-specific core workflows and automation.

From efficiency-boosting digitization to task optimization, improved implementation, data cleanliness, interconnectivity, intelligent automation, and beyond—we understand that software applications represent not an end point, but a progression of tech layers that must be added in the right order to be effective and drive measurable ROI.

Sorenson’s team has deep context across B2B software sectors, giving us a unique and comprehensive understanding of the current and future state of application requirements and adoption. This specialized knowledge helps us partner with the very best B2B application founders who are supercharging human capability and automation, role by role and industry by industry.

The portfolio companies listed above represent a subset of all investments made by Sorenson. It should not be assumed that future portfolio investments will be profitable or equal to the success of the companies in this list. A complete list of Sorenson investments is available upon request.

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