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Eric Hilton

Eric Hilton

Eric Hilton

Eric Hilton joined Sorenson in 2015 and focuses on early-stage investments in B2B software. Eric enjoys working closely with entrepreneurs as they strive to build and scale world-class organizations that can have positive economic and societal impact.

Eric graduated cum laude from Brigham Young University with a B.S. in Exercise Science and minors in Business Management and Mathematics. He received his MBA at The Wharton School with distinction as a Palmer Scholar, and graduated with a dual emphasis in Finance and Entrepreneurship & Innovation. 



Q: What advice would you give to your younger self?

Define success by factors in your control rather than by those that are out of your control.

Q: What's your favorite sports team?

BYU football, Utah Jazz basketball, and whatever team my kids are playing on.

Q: When you aren't working, where can we find you?

Outdoors - whether it be running, biking, hiking, boating, skiing, golfing, or teaching his four kids new activities.

If you could choose a fictional world to live in, which one would it be?

Harry Potter, Star Wars, or Marvel (assuming I’m either a wizard, Jedi, or superhero).


As a student, Eric worked in corporate development at Google, where he evaluated M&A and investment opportunities across several product areas, including Google Cloud, Platforms & Ecosystems (e.g., Android, Google Play, Chrome), Devices & Services (e.g., hardware), and DeepMind (AI / ML).

Prior to joining Sorenson in 2015, Eric worked at L.E.K. Consulting, where he served clients across a wide range of industries, including technology, healthcare, financial services, and media & entertainment. Eric’s case work included private equity due diligence, corporate growth strategy, post-acquisition support, and product launch strategy.

“The most important part of any company is the people – both the founders who set the vision and the team to build to execute on that vision.”

At Sorenson, Eric looks to partner with founders with the vision and determination necessary to bring ideas to life, as well as the self-awareness to recognize where they need support.

One such founder was Johnny Ayers, founder and CEO of Socure. Jonny’s compelling insights about the need for better identity solutions and his hard work brought his initial vision to life; Jonny was responsible for selling to most of the large banks and financial institutions that Socure brought on as initial customers, in addition to guiding product strategy.

From there, Jonny recognized the need to scale his own personal efforts and brought in strong functional leaders to support him in product development and go-to-market execution. Socure’s rapid growth and continued success can be attributed in large part to both Jonny’s leadership and his empowerment of the Socure team.

The successes exemplified by companies like Socure, Couchbase, and Fastly (among many others) have significantly shaped Eric’s interest in enterprise software solutions. Eric’s favorite part about working with portfolio companies is helping founders make important strategic decisions and navigate challenges (both in and outside of the board room) as they build and scale their organizations.

“There’s something really powerful about partnering with founders who are building best-in-class products for business users. Great products enable their users to scale their impact by working better, faster, and with greater satisfaction.”

Eric invests in founders who are building world-class B2B software products. He looks forward to rolling up his sleeves and working closely alongside companies to provide support to founders he works with.

While the founders are ultimately the ones who need to “drive the car”, he hopes to be a “helpful passenger”; providing navigation and support to reach the destination faster – enabling companies to make a significant impact on the lives of their employees, customers, and partners. Eric takes pride in his ability to take ambiguous questions or problems and break them down into a series of tactical steps or analyses. He helps founders come up with an action plan, and gets into the weeds alongside them to do that work.

The portfolio companies listed above represent a subset of all investments made by Sorenson. It should not be assumed that future portfolio investments will be profitable or equal to the success of the companies in this list. A complete list of Sorenson investments is available upon request.

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