“It all starts with Drew Sievers, as Harvest’s CEO and founder,” said Rob Rueckert, Managing Partner, Sorenson Ventures.  “We worked closely when I invested in his previous company, mFoundry, which was acquired by FIS. Drew’s unique in that he’s a seasoned founder with several successful exits under his belt. Yet, he’s still as hungry and driven as any founder I’ve ever met.”

Harvest Savings and Wealth Technologies is a Larkspur, CA-based software company that builds products to help any size bank or credit union to retain and grow deposits, drive fee revenue, and lower operating costs. Harvest has developed automated savings and investment products as well as system intelligence that uses its customer core system to optimize banks’ engagement with its customers. 

“After my experience with Rob when he invested at my last startup, I knew I wanted him to be involved with Harvest.”

Rueckert continued, “Drew attracts top people and builds effective organizations by providing the support, autonomy, and space to grow and succeed. His people are fiercely loyal, and he is able to create repeat networks at each of his companies.”

“After my experience with Rob when he invested at my last startup, I knew I wanted him to be involved with Harvest,” said Drew Sievers. “Rob is the rare investor who is calm, measured, and able to align the company’s best interests with those of his limited partners. He has no ego and is always available exactly when I need his advice, ear, or help with a difficult decision.” 

Since Sorenson invested in Harvest’s Series A in 2018, the company is growing rapidly. It now has more than fifty employees and dozens of bank and financial institution customers, including John Hancock, Bank of Oklahoma, Commerce Bank, and First Citizen’s Bank. The company raised an additional $23 million in equity and debt financing in September 2019.

“At his last company, Drew and his team developed advanced mobile technology for small and medium-sized banks who couldn’t afford to build it themselves,” explained Rueckert. “Harvest is following a similar playbook. This time they are developing a sophisticated wealth management platform for the same customer segment they know very well. Drew doesn’t need my assistance often, but he knows exactly when to bring me in and where I can help. It’s a partnership that works very well.”