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CyCognito is an external attack surface management platform that helps organizations identify and test their entire attack surface and reduce risk.

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Rob is the most passionate, mission-focused, hard-working CEO that I have met in my more than 20 years of venture.”

Rob Gurzeev

Founder Insights

Rob Gurzeev

Rob Gurzeev

Co-Founder & CEO

“I’d been looking for an agentless cybersecurity solution that could help enterprise customers manage risk, remediate vulnerabilities, and provide value from day one. Then, I met Rob Gurzeev at an Israeli entrepreneur event,” said Ken Elefant, Managing Director, Sorenson Ventures. “It was like Rob had read my mind.”

Founded by CEO Rob Gurzeev and CTO Dima Potekhin, CyCognito delivers an enterprise SaaS cybersecurity platform that uses proprietary risk-detection methods to identify risks and discover potential attack vectors. CyCognito products continuously simulate sophisticated attacker processes across live infrastructure and network assets to provide comprehensive, real-time Attack Surface Discovery and Analysis without impacting business operations or requiring customer integration, deployment, or configuration. CyCognito helps security teams prioritize vulnerabilities and manage risk to eliminate and remediate critical attack vectors. The company is based in Palo Alto, CA and Tel Aviv, Israel.

Elefant continued, “The CyCognito founders had completely mapped out the exact same market opportunity that I had envisioned and much more. Their approach and expertise extended well beyond my thinking.”

Sorenson Ventures led CyCognito’s seed round in 2018. After closing an additional $148 million in funding over the next three years, CyCognito has continued to grow rapidly and expand its product footprint. Rob Gurzeev said, “Sorenson was one of the first US firms we met, and they immediately understood what we were trying to do and the opportunity size. They helped us map the cybersecurity landscape, define our focus, and prioritize target customers and use cases. They personally introduced us to the right people at key customers, such as ABB and Wipro, facilitating those critical early sales.”

The company now has nearly 200 employees and dozens of enterprise customers in the financial services, healthcare, and hospitality industries. “Rob Gurzeev is the most passionate, mission-focused, hard-working CEO that I have met in my more than 20 years of venture. He’s hired a great team around him,” added Elefant. “I’m a security geek, and I love the way CyCognito provides context for every vulnerability. CyCognito is the first company I’ve seen that can truly help security professionals focus on what’s important and stay on top of the increasingly complex task of keeping their company safe.”




The CEO of the portfolio company listed above has not received any compensation for this feedback and did not invest in any Sorenson fund.

Rob Gurzeev

Rob Gurzeev

Co-Founder & CEO
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