Vectice Announces $15.6M in Seed and Series A Funding


The latest round brings Vectice’s total funding to $15.6M. The funds will fuel growth as Vectice expands its team and onboards selected accounts to their private Beta program.

“This is only the first step in Vectice’s mission to revolutionize the way data science teams work and collaborate within their organization,” said Cyril Brignone, CEO and co-founder, Vectice. “We believe Vectice will ultimately ensure consistent and positive artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) impact for all organizations.”

Ken Elefant, Partner at Sorenson Ventures, explained that “Vectice takes out the busy work that data scientists and their managers do in order to keep everyone informed about the exact nature and status of their AI/ML projects. Vectice is the only tool that automatically captures data science tribal knowledge in the enterprise and makes it instantly actionable.”

Vectice auto-captures the assets data science teams create for a project (datasets, code, notebooks, models, runs, illustrations) and automatically generates documentation throughout the project lifecycle, from business requirements to production deployment. It’s the tool of choice for reviewing ongoing progress, locating prior art for new projects, and showcasing team impact.

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