Utah’s Podium raises pre-IPO round, boosting its valuation to $3 billion

Alex Wilhelm

Podium is back at the fundraising well this year, adding $201 million to its accounts at a $3 billion valuation (post-money).

The Utah-based company, which provides software services including communications and payments tools to SMBs, last raised $125 million at a roughly $1.5 billion valuation. That deal was announced in April 2020.

Podium CEO Eric Rea told Bloomberg that the company has “well over $100 million in annual recurring revenue.” TechCrunch confirmed the metric with the company, though Podium declined to be more specific regarding its current ARR.

Podium previously reached the $50 million ARR mark around the time of its $60 million Series B in November 2018. And we know that it climbed to $100 million ARR toward the end of 2019. This makes the question of how far above the $100 million ARR mark Podium is today rather important — we can’t effectively calculate the company’s growth rate without an up-to-date figure.

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