David Dame


David Dame brings 29 years of operating, consulting, and investing experience to the firm and its portfolio companies. His past experiences include functional leadership roles in sales, marketing, R&D, and services. Having twice had profit and loss responsibility for growing technology businesses and working with over 30 executive teams at all growth stages, David has developed both passion and empathy. Empathy for what it takes to build and accelerate growth. And passion for leveraging group experience to solve the new and unique situations that arise in any company.

David co-founded a strategy consulting business that was later merged into the IBM Consulting Group. As a principal of the firm, he resolved issues across many industries by integrating the necessary people, processes, and information technology.

David also spent more than 15 years as a principal investor and operating professional, serving as a managing director at Huntsman Gay Global Capital; managing director at KVP, a technology growth equity fund; and partner at KPP, a private investment group.

David received an MBA with honors from the University of Chicago and a Bachelor of Science in computer science from Brigham Young University.