“When I was at Intel Capital, we invested in the founders’ previous cybersecurity company, Fortscale, which was acquired by RSA Security. I knew Idan and his co-founders very well,” said Ken Elefant, Managing Director, Sorenson Ventures. “What impressed me most about the Bridgecrew team was their ability to assess the market and quickly craft a cloud security engineering solution. The agility and speed were unprecedented.”

“We knew we wanted to work with Ken Elefant again. Sorenson Ventures understands the security landscape better than anyone.”

Bridgecrew was a San Francisco, CA-based company with an R & D office in Tel Aviv, Israel that automated cloud security engineering by identifying issues and delivering fixes as code. Bridgecrew’s platform integrated with customer’s source control and CI/CD processes, and in many cases, prevented problems before they impacted system operations or vulnerabilities. Bridgecrew was a developer-first company. They automated security-engineering work to not only save engineer time and reduce workload, they also helped organizations expedite cloud migrations.

“We knew we wanted to work with Ken Elefant again. Sorenson understands the security landscape better than anyone,” said Idan Tendler, Bridgecrew Co-Founder and CEO. “Sorenson has a huge network of experts, customers, potential hires, and investors. They introduced us to several CISOs, helping us facilitate customer deals, partnerships, and even angel investments from well-known industry experts.”

Tendler added, “The thing I like most about Ken is that he doesn’t shy away from digging in to help out in the formative stages. As we were wrestling to figure out our go-to-market, Ken worked with us to develop our grassroots, self-service strategy. This turned out to be an absolute game changer.”

Sorenson Ventures invested in the company’s seed round in 2019. After raising an additional $14 million in a Series A round in April 2020 led by Battery Ventures, Bridgecrew was acquired by Palo Alto Networks in 2021.

“Bridgecrew was the first company to fundamentally address the security needs of companies who were moving to the cloud,” Elefant explained. “Cloud security is a completely different beast than traditional enterprise security. Previously, only the most sophisticated technology companies did cloud security well. Bridgecrew made enterprise-grade cloud security best practices readily available to every mid- and large-sized company who needed to operate cloud infrastructure.”


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