“When we decided to partner with Sorenson as an investor in 2015, we felt that they had the right combination of financial and industry  expertise. What we’ve come to appreciate over the past five years is their willingness to help in every situation and under any circumstance. Sorenson is always available.”

Wolfgang Maasberg, EVP of Global Sales and Field Operations

“What I most appreciated about Sorenson’s help was their objectivity. They walked us through the numbers and analysis and allowed us to develop the right strategy. This data-driven approach has paid off for everyone.”

Rural Physicians Group
Dr. Sukhbir Pannu, CEO and Founder

“Sorenson provided an objective view of how we could work together to grow the business and achieve our vision. I couldn’t be happier with the relationship and results.”

Matt Cain, CEO

“Sorenson’s analysis didn’t just provide us with ideas to consider. They gave us very specific ways to address issues with our compensation, funnel management, and lead qualification models.”

Drew Sievers, Founder and CEO

“After my experience with Rob when he invested at my last startup, I knew I wanted him to be involved with Harvest.”

James Segil, Co-Founder and President

“I’ve known Ken Elefant for nearly 20 years. I’ve always wanted to work with him because of his expertise in security and enterprise software.”

Idan Tendler, Co-Founder and CEO

“We knew we wanted to work with Ken Elefant again. Sorenson Ventures understands the security landscape better than anyone.”

Rob Gurzeev, Co-Founder & CEO

“Sorenson helped us map the cybersecurity landscape, define our focus, and prioritize target customers and use cases.”