Our team at Sorenson Capital is growing. Come join us!

About Our Growth Team:

Founded in 2002, Sorenson Capital is a growth-stage firm that invests in product-leading B2B software companies. Through two decades of partnering with visionary entrepreneurs, Sorenson Capital has developed a repeatable playbook to help companies scale go-to-market motions to achieve high efficiency, predictable growth. Our portfolio ranges from early growth-stage companies (traditional Series B) to late-stage, pre-IPO companies, including:

Note: A complete list of Sorenson Capital investments and exits is available upon request.

Our growth team is headed by Brady Broadbent, Burke Davis and Rob Rueckert. Our backgrounds include successful SaaS startup-experience, building product (code), and decades of successful investment track record. We are product-first investors who partner with entrepreneurs using engineering vision to change markets. To help drive the success of our portfolio, we work closely alongside our partners to help them ensure their go-to-market strategy results in predictable growth to support that vision.

Today, Sorenson Capital has more than $1.5 billion in assets under management (as of December 31, 2021).

About Our Venture Team:

Sorenson Ventures was launched in 2017 as a way to address the funding gap that many early-stage founders and startups face as they try to validate product-market fit and define scalable and repeatable growth models. Capital has never been more abundant. Nonetheless, exploding fund sizes resulted in many firms that once invested in Seed and Series A rounds no longer focusing on helping young startups, which require smaller check sizes and higher levels of support.

Our venture team is headed by Ken Elefant and Rob Rueckert who have both operating experience and venture experience at Battery Ventures, Lightspeed, and Intel Capital. Our firm is especially well-known for making impactful connections to technology buyers and executives in Fortune 2000 and as such, has partnered with outstanding entrepreneurs through the years.

Since launching our $100 million fund in 2017, we have been hard at work, partnering with product-focused founders building great companies. We have invested in over 30 early-stage enterprise software and security startups, including:

Note: A complete list of Sorenson Ventures investments and exits is available upon request.

Today, we are investing our $150 million second fund, Sorenson Ventures II.

Together, we are a multi-stage enterprise software and security investor with over 20 years of track record.

Our team continues to grow. Sorenson Capital believes in the power of diversity of thought. We are committed to building a partnership that reflects a variety of backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, and skills.

We are:

  • Scrappy. At Sorenson, we enjoy working behind the scenes. We like to roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty. We collaborate with our portfolio companies to help identify urgent pains, define customer profiles, and build products that solve top problems faced by their customers. Although developing scalable and repeatable go-to-market playbooks requires a tremendous amount of work, it’s an exercise that excites us as much as just about anything else in the world.
  • Relentlessly focused on what we do. Our team at Sorenson has many decades of investment and operating experience. Leveraging all of the insights and expertise of our teammates, we are building the next generation of iconic enterprise software and security companies. We strive to be the most thoughtful partners we can be to founders.
  • Intellectually rigorous. We don’t shy away from hard work. Yes, we speak at conferences and publish thought pieces. However, most of the time, you will find us hard at work, doing behind-the-scenes work to drive our firm’s investment decision-making processes.
  • Highly open, inclusive, and collaborative. Every firm operates differently. Sorenson is on the collaborative end of the spectrum. We actively solicit feedback and contributions from each other. We empower one another to make the best decisions as a partnership. A low-ego attitude and willingness to do what it takes to succeed as a team would be essential for a career at Sorenson.

Our team at Sorenson Capital is looking for people who are excited about enterprise software and security and possess the energy, creativity, and drive to help us create a pre-eminent growth and venture portfolio. We are currently receiving applications for:

While we expect our teammates to come into our offices regularly, we are open to discussing a hybrid arrangement that works for both parties.

You might be a great fit if:

  • You are intellectually humble and have a default preference for collaboration.
  • You have an unparalleled passion for tech. We love enterprise software and security and hope you do too.
  • You are detail-oriented and an effective communicator.
  • You are excited about taking initiative and ownership. We are a lean team and thus all wear multiple hats. We expect our new teammates to bring their own ideas, adaptability, drive, and hustle.

How to apply

If you are interested, please click on the links below to apply.

Even though it might look like a black box, WE READ EVERY RESUME. We are thrilled to hear from our prospective teammates.

If you are a friend of the firm and have a personal recommendation, please feel free to email us. This mailbox is monitored by Burke Davis, Ken Elefant and Michelle Moon.