Our Guiding Principles

Uncommon performance, uncommon talent, uncommon integrity – and an uncommonly approachable style

1. Integrity
Trust and loyalty are non-negotiables that guide our relationships with our partners. Life is too short to work with partners that you cannot trust. At Sorenson Capital, we rely on a proven strategy and on the reputation, character, and performance of our team members to achieve extraordinary results.

2. Partnership
We strive to become true partners with the management teams of our portfolio companies. We know what it takes to win. We strive to align our interests with the management team’s, and we believe that equity ownership by management is an important element leading to success.

3. Value Creation
Our ultimate goal is to create value. In doing so, we provide much more than financial resources. Our team has deep expertise running and developing successful businesses and can help with strategy, organization, operations, technology, architecture, sales, and financial structuring. We provide much more than financial resources. We strive to carefully partner with management teams to build on the legacy of previous owners. We simply believe that this is the best way to create exceptional results.

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