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    Robert NipperFounder and CEONCS Energy ServicesWe knew we had a great company and everything was proceeding well, but we also knew that we wanted to increase scale in a big way. We wanted a partner to help us through high growth and the capital markets, as well as day-to-day issues. Sorenson was the best choice we could have made."


NCS is a technology leader in down-hole fracking tools. NCS was looking to rapidly expand its market penetration and introduce an entirely new line of products that could significantly increase the size of the company. The new products would need supply chain development, financing, and deployment. The owners also wanted to financially diversify and realize some of the value they had created.


Sorenson Capital provided liquidity to the owners and arranged expansion capital. We also provided operational expertise, which was critical to help develop a supply chain for the new product line. These efforts included finding sourcing alternatives, developing a new plant, and putting in place operational protocols. When the time came to sell, Sorenson Capital led an efficient and robust transaction process to realize a great return.


Partnered 2011
Exited 2012


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