• Gary-Darley
    Gary & Jason DarleyCEO/Founder & PresidentLifePortWhen we sold our business we were of course interested in getting a good value, but we also worried about the legacy of our company and our people. Sorenson managed these issues with the stewardship of a founder. We couldn’t have found a better fit for our objectives."


LifePort provides VIP and utility interiors, medical systems, armor solutions, and galley equipment for the aerospace interior industry. LifePort has the ability to provide high quality turn-key solutions for virtually any customer requirement. The owners of LifePort had differing objectives. Some wanted to cash completely out of their investment. Others wanted partial liquidity with the ability to continue to manage the business and participate in the upside of growth. Sorenson Capital provides a solution for each of these groups.


With the assistance and resources of Sorenson Capital, LifePort made substantial investments for growth. During Sorenson Capital’s ownership period, the company expanded from three to seven facilities and tripled its annual revenue.


Partnered 2006
Exit to Sikorsky Aerospace Services, a United Technologies Company, 2011


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