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    Atlas AerospaceThe Sorenson team provided deep operational expertise and strategic guidance that supported rapid expansion and allowed the Atlas team to focus on their customers. That made a huge difference. Sorenson Capital and Atlas became true partners in expanding this business."


Atlas (formerly PMC and WASI) was an aerospace manufacturer that built complex structural and component parts for leading aircraft platforms. As with many aerospace machining companies, it had hit its limits with its growth under its existing structure. The owner was looking for some liquidity and a partner to help the company grow.


Sorenson Capital provided operational expertise to put in the information systems and manufacturing processes to eliminate bottlenecks and support rapid growth. Sorenson Capital managed several facility expansions, which allowed management to focus on its customers. Two plants were built, investments were made in new equipment, on-time delivery improved dramatically, and the team was enhanced with some key hires. At exit, Atlas was combined with another company that further enhanced its scale and value proposition. The original sellers enjoyed a healthy return on the equity they rolled over into the new partnership.


Partnered 2005
Exited 2007


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