Buyout Strategies

Our team specializes in helping owners create and realize value in their businesses. Selling or transitioning your business can be challenging. At Sorenson Capital, we can help you explore creative buyout strategies, including:

Partial Sale:

  • You can realize part of the value today
  • You can take on a partner to further develop the business
  • You can retain significant ownership to capitalize on future value creation

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Industry Consolidation:

  • You can partner with us to build a platform company that provides a solid base and leadership for future add-ons
  • You can exit from a position of greater strength and value
  • You can participate meaningfully in the upside

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  • If it is time to realize the value of the company now and move on, we can help. Perhaps one of your important considerations is to whom you can entrust your firm who will carry on the legacy you have built. We invite you to explore how Sorenson Capital can help you realize the value in your firm and carry on your legacy.

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